Gregg Howald
Gregg HowaldCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Freshwater Life
Gregg lives in western Canada, where he likes to spend his time tying salmon, trout and steelhead flies and sometimes even catching them. He has been working in the island conservation space for more than nineteen years, and since 1999 has focused on the restoration of island ecosystems internationally. He is the North American Regional Director for Island Conservation and a global authority on invasive species eradication planning. Gregg has developed a wide spectrum of North American partnerships among federal government agencies, private industry, NGOs, research scientists, and local communities; which have led to the direct implementation or consultation on more than forty island restoration projects and programs throughout North America. Howald lives to implement, catalyze, and inspire biodiversity conservation through sustainable partnerships for the benefit of wildlife and people.
Juyung Yoo
Juyung Yoo Director, Yosemite National Park Yellow-legged Frog Project
Growing up around the deserts and chaparrals of Southern California, Juyung developed a fascination around conservation and natural history. A recent graduate of The University of California, Santa Cruz, Juyung holds a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. During his undergraduate career, Juyung spent his time working for the UC Natural Reserve system as a native plant restoration technician, bird banding intern and participating in field courses. Much of his work however has been in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. After first being introduced to the alpine as an intern with CAMINO studying avian breeding habitat, Juyung has since worked with Freshwater Life, conducting aquatic restoration in the alpine lakes of Yosemite. Juyung is an avid rock climber, cyclist, and peak bagger and in his free time you can find him birding and botanizing. He aspires to make conservation an inclusive field and hopes to continue his education into graduate school.