Our Team works diligently to identify and help execute conservation efforts globally.

Gregg Howald
Gregg HowaldCo-Founder and Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Freshwater Life
With over 25 years of experience in conservation, Gregg Howald is a leading expert in the field of ecosystem restoration. He has been involved in the eradication of invasive species in islands from the high latitudes to the deep tropics. With a diverse technical background, grounded in ecotoxicology, Gregg’s focus has evolved into conservation diplomacy and is a key member of controversial projects. He helps lead public engagement processes, where he supports the communication of risks and benefits of projects to inform values‐based decisions including regulatory compliance processes and stakeholder engagement. He has developed a network of global partners from government agencies, private industry, NGOs, academic institutions, and local communities working toward increasing the scale and scope of conservation actions.