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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Statement

Freshwater Life recognizes that the long-term success and sustainability of any conservation action are determined by the depth and quality of the partnerships and relationships between the people working toward a shared vision; a vision that is inclusive of the goals, aspirations, and dreams of a diverse community.

Our partnerships and the people in them are widely diverse. We respect that there are multiple ways of knowing, traditional and cultural communication systems, governance structures, and many ways that people value and engage with the natural world

Partnerships working toward on-the-ground conservation actions are fundamentally a process of discovery, which have within them the necessity to listen and learn from diverse perspectives practices, and goals that can be integrated into our own knowledge systems for shared outcomes.

We are committed to a process of discovery that applies to diversity, equity, and inclusion and is embedded in our partnerships and relationships that we approach with humility.

We understand that the past, and perceptions of the past, impact our relationships with people and communities today. This includes relationships between groups of people, such as indigenous peoples and recent colonizers, and groups with varied relationships with the land. We acknowledge the past and strive to understand how it manifests today to identify how to proceed differently, equitably, justly, and more inclusive.

Moving forward we will reflect, act, remove barriers, and foster inclusion and equity at the interpersonal, organizational, and partnership levels. Our commitment to diversity equity and inclusion is something that we act on as well as visually represent within Freshwater Life and its programs.